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... is a soprano whose work compasses an impressive combination of opera, contemporary music, writing, education and conducting.  Her varied background  has included theatre, shows, radio and comedy. Consequently she is quite difficult to pigeonhole …


The Observatory

Adey has been part of the development of a new multi-sensory opera, The Observatory, by librettist Sarah Grange, composer Stephen Bentley Klein and choreographer Mark Smith. A concert performance of the full score will take place at the Greenbelt Festival on August 25th. Annie Jump Cannon was a 19th century American astronomer who classified more stars in her lifetime than anyone else - around 500,000. Adey plays her mother, Mary Jump, an astronomy enthusiast herself, who taught Annie to be independant and follow her  interests.

The Shout reconstituted!

If you ever wondered what The Shout have been up to lately, they have just got together to do two recent shows in the much-feted Tete a Tete summer festival at Kings Place, London. A rare chance to hear this anti-choir attempt the near-impossible. Check out their new website.

BBC SO Learning Projects

Adey is returning to the BBC on September 6th to lead a Proms Plus Sing event associated with the Proms concert featuring the Berlin Philharmonic's conceptual performance of the St Matthew Passion. In Spring Adey was also  leading vocal work in the BBC Symphony Orchestra's learning project, exploring the music of Villa Lobos. The final devised piece was performed with a choir and orchestra of 100 participants as part of the BBC SO Total Immersion Day at the Barbican Arts Centre on March 8 2014.