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... is a soprano whose work compasses an impressive combination of opera, contemporary music, writing, education and conducting.  Her varied background  has included theatre, shows, radio and comedy. Consequently she is quite difficult to pigeonhole …


Stoke Newington Opera Cabaret

This extraordinary annual leviathan has just thundered through Hackney for the 17th time with a jaw-dropping line-up of singers, Maestro Jonathan Williams and Adey both presenting and singing the Queen of the Night (with a bit of prosthetic help). If you weren't there, you seriously missed out. Make sure you are in touch about the next one. Stoke Newington Opera Cabaret

Hansel & Gretel

In November Adey will begin a series of workshops to train the children's chorus for the Pimlott Foundation's 2015 production of Hansel & Gretel. She has also been visiting a number of Essex schools with the Foundation in music workshops, bringing together local musicians and community members of all ages.

The Shout reconstituted!

If you ever wondered what The Shout have been up to in the past four years, they have just themselves got together again to do two recent shows in the much-feted Tete a Tete summer festival at Kings Place, London. A rare chance to hear this anti-choir attempt the near-impossible. Watch the video of the gig there and check out their new website too.